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Welcome to the Carberry and Area Community Foundation website!
~~Charitable Gifts Funding The Future~~
Chair: Blair Graham  grahambt@mymts.net

Vice Chair: Fokko Buurma fokko.midplns@mymts.net

Treasurer: Valerie Elliott  velliott57@hotmail.com

Director: Kim Baron redb@inetlink.ca

Director: Karra Knol  karra_arrak2@hotmail.com

Director: Brad Wells bjwells@goinet.ca

Director: Kathy Bjarnason kbjarn23@gmail.com

​Director: Randy MacDonald gracenotes1983@hotmail.com


Director: Alice Wright  amwright59@hotmail.ca 

     Executive Director: Brianna Renwick

Financial Advisor: Don Forbes

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Box 807
Carberry, MB R0K 0H0

Brianna Renwick
Executive Director

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