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Welcome to the Carberry and Area Community Foundation website!
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Brianna Renwick
Executive Director
~~Charitable Gifts Funding The Future~~
The Don and Ruth Forbes Education Assistance Fund

Don and Ruth Forbes have set up this education assistance fund to specificly
assist a graduating student of Carberry Collegiate who is perusing their
secondary education in the field of fine arts, or business. If no student fits this
criteria the award shall be given to any student who is furthering their education
and deemed fit by the scholarship committee at Carberry Collegiate.

The Gregg Community Fund

The Gregg Community Fund is a fund where proceeds from this fund will go to help to fund projects in the Gregg Community.

The North Cypress/Carberry Recreation Reserve Fund

The North Cypress/Carberry Recreation Reserve Fund is a fund that was set up to help with a major renovation and/or construction of recreation facilities to be owned by the Town of Carberry and Rural Municipality of North Cypress.The public will be invited to donate and a matching grant from both municipalities will be available up to the maximum yearly $60,000 contribution level from each respective municipality.

The Edith Alice Stevens Fund

The Carberry and Area Community Foundation recently received a
substantial donation from Alice Stevens of Carberry, Manitoba. Alice
requested that her donation be put into a new endowment fund created
within the CACF called the Edith Alice Stevens Fund. Starting in 2013,
preference will be given to grant applications which: a) Assist in the
medical needs of needy youth. b) If no applications for medical assist-
ance is received in any individual year, then preference will be given to
providing educational assistance to a needy youth. Currently CACF is
funding the CCI Staff Award at Carberry Collegiate Institute in which
need is a criteria in the award for post secondary educational assistance.

CACF Executive Director, Teresa McConnell, receives a cheque from Alice Stevens to be applied to her new fund.
Right: At his 25th Anniversary celebration, Don Forbes presents CACF Vice Chair, Don Mitchell, with $3,550 to go toward his and his wife Ruth's new endowment fund.