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C.A.C.F 2014 Scholarships...
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Jenny Adriaansen received the Governor General's Medal in the amount of $2,500. 
​CACF Director, Lori Salt presented.
Paige Jonasson received the CC Medal Award in the amount of $1,500.
Janelle Lavich received the CC Staff Award in the amount of $750.  Teacher Darcy Kendall, and CACF Director, Lori Salt presented.
 Andrew Schneider received the Applied Arts, Trades and Technology Award in the amount of $750.  CACF Director, Lori Salt presented.
Thomas Buurma and Teanna Olmstead receveid the 6th annual Carberry 4-H Beef Club Educational Assistance Award in the amount of $500.
Maryn Lavich receveid the 12th annual T. Roy and Edith Bailey Memorial Scholarship Award in the amount of $2,000. 
Teanna Olmstead received the 4th annual Jack Lupton Memorial Scholarship Award in the amount of $500.
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Brianna Renwick
Executive Director
Jenny Adriaansen received the new Don and Ruth Forbes Scholarship in the amount of $220.  CACF Director, Lori Salt presented.
Jeremy Baldwin and Megan Sampson-Butters both received the new Edith Alice Stevens Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,500 each. CACF Director, Lori Salt presented.
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