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In 2015 the CC grade 10 skills classes A and B were given $2,000 plus their fundraising dollars ($300) to spend as they see fit to a local non-profit charity within the Carberry community and surrounding area.

The following are local organizations that received funds from this year's YiP classes:

CC Youth In Philanthropy Student Involvement Grant Allocation $2,300.00

Grade 10 Class "A and B"

Carberry and Area Food Bank $1,152.50 – purchase supplies


​​​​Carberry Plains Health Centre $1,147.50 – blood pressure machine, core thermometer, crib and/or reclining chair

C.A.C.F 2015 YiP Grants...
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Brianna Renwick
Executive Director
Tori Adriaansen and Taylor Orchard presenting to Peggy Reid, representative of the Carberry Food Bank.
Jordan Smith and Elianna Traveras presenting to Craig Hohne, representative of the Carberry Plains Health Centre.
Pictured above: the reclining chair purchased for the Carberry Plains Health Centre.
Mrs. Whyte's Skills 20S class from 2015