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The Carberry and Area Community Foundation provides a unique opportunity for local residents to invest in their community. A community foundation is permanent, but flexible and can adapt to changes in the community. As only the interest is disbursed, it assures givers that decades from now, the original spirit and intent of their gift will continue to be honoured.

The Carberry and Area Community Foundation was incorporated in 1996 as a non-profit charitable organization (#88709 6089 RR0001). It is managed by a nine member Board of Directors who serve voluntarily without remuneration. Members are appointed by officials within the community.

The Carberry and Area Community Foundation serves the following:

•The Town of Carberry
•The Rural Municipality of North Cypress
•The Rural Municipality of South Cypress

The main mandate of the Foundation is to preserve and advance the quality of life in the community. This will promote development in the areas of agriculture, arts, culture, education, environment, health, heritage, recreation and sports.

The donations which the Carberry and Area Community Foundation receive throughout the year are invested and only the interest from these investments is disbursed. All donations are tax deductible. These funds are disbursed to worthy charities and non-profit organizations in Carberry and the surrounding area.

By your generous donation to the Foundation, you can create a memorial to a loved one, friend or yourself.
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Brianna Renwick
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