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When establishing a fund with the Carberry and Area Community Foundation Inc. you are making a lasting commitment to the Carberry and area community. All donations are invested and only the interest from the donation is used for grant making. This means that your original donation will have a lasting impact on the Carberry and area community for today and the years to come.

We prefer you have $2,500 as a minimum donation to start a fund. To start, a spokesperson for the family or an organization would need to contact the Carberry and Area Community Foundation indicating their request.

A draft Agreement to Establish a Fund and Terms of Reference on how such a fund shall disburse the ongoing grants will be prepared for discussion and mutual written approval of both the donating party and the Carberry and Area Community Foundation.

The following three types of funds can be established:

1. Family named and/or memorial fund: the family or person named shall have their name honored in perpetuity while the grant selection is left entirely to the discretion of the Carberry and Area Community Foundation.

2. Field of interest fund: the donor designates a field of interest or purpose for future grants. The Carberry and Area Community Foundation board shall try to match up the income generated from these designated funds to grant applicants who use those funds to these specified fields of interest/purpose.

3. Donor advised fund: the most restricted fund, as the donor will have input into the selection process for these specified grant applications. The board of directors of the Carberry and Area Community Foundation always have final approval of any and all of these grants.
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