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As the twentieth century drew to a close a group of community minded citizens in Carberry and North Cypress began work to create a community foundation. It would follow other generous projects that over the years had provided the Carberry community with a recreation complex, community hall, hospital, ambulance and support of many other worthy causes.

The Foundation was incorporated in 1996 as a non-profit organization. It is currently managed by a nine member Board of Directors who serve voluntarily without remuneration. Members are appointed by officials within the community.

Back in 1997, in order to create a generous fund that could be used to support charitable causes, the Foundation approached Midwest Foods Ltd. about a 40-acre commercial potato growing fund raising project. Midwest Foods Ltd. agreed to provide the forty acres of field and free seed potatoes. The local farmers donated their time to plant, harvest and grade the potatoes. A total of 102 people participated on the final day of grading. After selling the potatoes, they had realized $40,000 for the newly formed Carberry and Area Community Foundation. This was such a success that Midwest Foods Ltd. followed through the following year as did the farmers and another $40,000 was raised. The following year, the profit from the field went toward the construction cost of the new Carberry swimming pool.

This was followed in 1999 and 2000 by a campaign that was called the “Founder’s Club”. People would give the Foundation a donation of $1,000 or more and receive a plaque and inclusion in the Founder’s Club. Donations came from seniors who had spent their lives on the Carberry Plains, young couples, corporations, a Hutterite Colony, and one was in honor of a former reeve. This campaign had brought in $80,000 when it concluded at the end of 2000.

Since these good beginnings the Foundation has collected money from donations (big and small) and from money provided to a Christmas memory tree. For each ten dollar donation in someone’s memory, a light is lit on a centrally located Christmas tree.

In 2006, due to some major construction and renovations at Shilo, a one-time grant of 1.2 million dollars was granted to the R.M. of North Cypress in lieu of taxes. Wisely, the R.M. council allocated $500,000 to the Foundation for long term benefits to the citizens of the Carberry area. The Foundation plans to establish a tenth year anniversary fund with $100,000 earmarked for emergency health funds as requested by the R.M. Some of the balance of $400,000 will be designated for scholarships, bursaries and apprenticeship programs.

Then foundation is fortunate to have received donations that are designated for general distribution and others that are of a more specific nature. Currently these include the local breast cancer fund, a palliative care fund, several funds offering scholarships at the local high school, a health care endowment fund, a green space fund, and a fund that provides money to the local agricultural society.

Over the years the Foundation has been in existence many local charitable organizations have benefited from other’s generous gifts. Currently the foundation has 27 different funds and since inception has given grants exceeding $497,000 to many different organizations within the town of Carberry and the Rural Municipality of North and South Cypress.

Following the concept of The Winnipeg Foundation Youth in Philanthropy Program, students of the Carberry Collegiate Life Skills class are responsible for the allocation of $2,000 of grant money per year. The students in this class study the local charities, interview prospective groups and come to a class decision as to who would receive the money. A representative of the class then brings ideas to the Foundation Board.

In 2005, the Foundation was able to invest funds so that the Carberry Plains Museum could purchase a local architectural gem, the historic White house, known in Carberry as the “Gingerbread House”. As this building is renovated it should become the highlight of the museum’s displays.

The main mandate of the Carberry and Area Community Foundation is to preserve and advance the quality of life in the community. This will promote development in the areas of agriculture, arts, culture, education, environment, health, heritage, recreation and sports.

The people of Carberry Plains are proud of what their foundation has been able to achieve since its incorporation in 1996. Gifts and donations are accepted at any time and any amount to continue the work that has been started.

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