Scholarships - Carberry Collegiate Medal

Funded by Carberry and Area Community Foundation Inc, all thanks to generous donors over the years.

Students must be continuing in a post-secondary education program to be eligible to receive funds.  

The Carberry Collegiate Medal is presented to the best all round student in the Carberry Collegiate graduating class. A hard-working student with a high average throughout high school, who spends a lot of time with extra-curricular and school programs, and gets along with all students and staff.

Congratulations to each recipient! 

2023 Tynille Steen

2022 Celia Boganes

2021 Annika Duguay

2020 Rachel Penner

2019 Taylor Holland

2018 Noah Duguay

2017 Jensyn Baron

2016 Karly McKinnon

2015 Teal Adriaansen

2014 Paige Jonasson

2013 Danielle Agopsowicz

2012 Justine Adriaansen

2011 Torey Scott