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C.A.C.F Past Board Members...
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Welcome to the Carberry and Area Community Foundation website!
Box 807
Carberry, MB R0K 0H0

Brianna Renwick
Executive Director
~~Charitable Gifts Funding The Future~~
Founding chair—Don Forbes
Arthur Sear
Barry Anderson
Pat Graham
Darlene McDonald
Doug Baron
Wayne Blair
Gloria Mott
Mary Ella Proven
Sandra Sagin
Ivan Olmstead
Dale Aitken
Alex Turner
Diane Aitken
Marion Rogers
Dan McPherson
Marjorie Campbell
Janice Robertson
Gordon Rankmore
Robert Ramsey
Karen Olmstead
Lyle Grobb
Lloyd Grierson
Gladwyn Scott
Isabel Bonnett
Jim Marnoch
Bob Adriaansen
Leigh McFarlane
Gerry Oliver
Lori Scott
Doug Baron(returning member)
Ed Drabyk
Isabel Wolinski​
Hazel McMillan
Marlene Anderson​​
Don Mitchell
Marilyn McMillan​​
Leslie Smart​
Craig Becker
Earl Baron
Lori Salt​​​
Alice Naismith
Bev Papegnies
Andrea Blair​
Valerie Elliott
Brad Wells​​​​
Blair Graham
Fokko Buurma
Alice Wright
Kim Baron
Karra Burney
Kathy Bjarnason
Randy MacDonald

Thank you for your time and dedication to the Carberry and Area Community Foundation!!!