Past YiP Grants Awarded 


Basketball Court Revitalization at Carberry Collegiate


Flowers at Carberry Plains Health Centre & Personal Care Home



Outdoor Classroom/Community Pergola at Carberry Collegiate

$1700.00 + $1628.00 fundraising income

Roller Rink Lighting at Carberry Plains Community Centre



Outdoor Volleyball Court at Carberry Plains Community Centre



E-pets for Care Home Residents


Art Sear Memorial Park (play structure development)


Carberry Food Cupboard



Updates to park between the Drop In Centre and the Old Town Hall

$2000.00 + $717.25 fundraising income 


Carberry Service for Seniors

$1000.00 + $460.00 fundraising income 

Carberry North Cypress-Langford Recreation (Day Camp)



Art Sear Memorial Park (park development)

$585.00 + $300.00 fundraising income 

Carberry Minor Ball (new fridge for canteen)


Carberry Ag Society (activities for children at Fair & Races)


Carberry Rec (trees at new facility site)


Care Home (activities for seniors ~ Pub Night)


Carberry Cat Rescue


Cancer Care Truck Pull



Carberry Cancer Care Shuttle

$1000.00 + $150.00 fundraising income

Children's Play Park - 1st Avenue & Fanny Street

$1000.00 + $150.00 fundraising income


Carberry and Area Food Bank

$852.50 + $300 fundraising income 

Carberry Plains Health Centre (blood pressure machine, core thermometer, crib and/or reclining chair)



Gun Club (upgrade tables and chairs)

$300.00 + $300.00 fundraising income 

Carberry North Cypress Library (music, movies, books and internet service)


Carberry Collegiate (doors for the CC washrooms)


Carberry Minor Baseball (upgrades to the ball diamonds and equipment shed)


Faze #1 SK8 Park (ramps, resurfacing and priorities)

$1425 + $300.00 fundraising income 

Carberry Plains Community Centre (puck board)



Carberry Plains Community Centre (upgrades to the swimming pool)

$400.00 + $150.00 fundraising income

Carberry Ag Society (grandstand repair)


Carberry Children's Memorial Park Association (resurfacing the SK8 Park Faze #1)


Carberry Rec. Centre (soccer nets and supplies)

$400.00 + $150.00 fundraising income


CCMPA (Rylin's Park)


Carberry Ag Society (grandstand repair)

$300.00 + $452.34 fundraising income 

Carberry Ag Society (midway at fair)


Youth in Philanthropy (YiP)
Youth in Philanthropy is a program designed to introduce local high school students to philanthropic activity and community development. The program provides hands-on experience which benefits both the participating Grade 10 Carberry Collegiate students and non-profits and charities in Carberry and Area.

Each year the Grade 10 Life Work Planning classes at Carberry Collegiate participate in the annual YiP program, provided by Carberry and Area Community Foundation. Year after year, this program proves to be successful and a very positive experience for the students, as it educates them about our local community foundation and the needs of our various local organizations. 

The Grade 10's, while under the supervision of the Life Work Planning teacher, are provided $2,500.00 from Carberry and Area Community Foundation Inc. to grant to the projects/organizations of their choice, after conducting research in the community. 

The group begins by taking part in an interactive presentation by Carberry and Area Community Foundation Inc., which transitions into brainstorming as a class, thinking about the needs of Carberry and Area.  The students narrow down their list of possible grantees, and then begin reaching out to various community organizations, asking them to answer any questions the class may have about the organization or project.  

After conducting their research, the Grade 10's must then determine which organizations will be the recipients of their $2,500.00, and how much each will receive.  

In recent years, the students have been initiating their own fundraiser in order to increase the dollars they have available for granting!  Some examples include: community BBQ, raffle table and bake sale.  

To date, the Foundation board members have been very pleased with each and every Grade 10 Life Work Planning class’s decision and have fully supported their granting selections.

Past teachers and students have indicated that the project was a great learning experience, including how important it is to maintain our community as well as how much it costs to do so. Thank you Carberry Collegiate for partnering on this initiative, allowing students to be part of making our community an even better place to live, work and play!