Scholarships - Edith Alice Stevens Scholarship Award

Funded by Carberry and Area Community Foundation Inc, all thanks to generous donors over the years.

Students must be continuing in a post-secondary education program to be eligible to receive funds.  

The Edith Alice Stevens Scholarship Award is awarded to a Carberry Collegiate individual who is pursuing secondary education.

Congratulations to each recipient! 

2023 Rebecca Bird

2023 Keegan Drysdale

2022 Denisse Macapagal

2022 Matthew Salyn

2021 Katie Maendel 

2021 Cyro Oliver

2020 Jayme Paddock

2020 Samantha Vidnes

2019 Alexis Armstrong

2019 Dallas Jonasson

2018 Sarah Buchanan 

2018 Kayla Sampson

2017 Trenten Menzies 

2017 Elianna Tavares

2016 Sarah Bradshaw

2016 Nathan Henderson

2015 Santana Ginter 

2015 Aurora Speiss

2014 Jeremy Baldwin 

2014 Megan Sampson-Butters