Manitoba government has proclaimed April 26 as Community Foundation Day across the province!   

The Manitoba government has proclaimed April 26 as Community Foundation Day across the province. This proclamation recognizes the vital role that community foundations play in contributing to the well-being of Manitobans, and the generosity of our citizens.

“The Government of Manitoba values the crucial role that community foundations play in our province. Manitoba’s community foundations support a wide range of charitable organizations and projects that enrich the quality of life of people throughout the province,” says Municipal Relations Minister, the Honourable Andrew Smith.

Manitoba is home to 57 community foundations – the most community foundations per capita in North America. Each community foundation supports its local community’s unique needs.

“We are honoured to be part of the community foundation movement in Manitoba, and are exceptionally proud of the work being done in our community of Carberry/North Cypress-Langford. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the time given by volunteers, the dedication of local organizations and qualified donees, and a desire to work together as a community, we are able to support projects that matter to our residents,” says Carberry and Area Community Foundation Executive Director, Brianna Renwick.

Community foundations are public charitable organizations that pool and permanently invest gifts (donations) entrusted to them. Income earned is granted to local charitable organizations each year. Since the capital is never spent, these gifts support our communities forever.

Manitoba is home to Canada’s first community foundation, The Winnipeg Foundation. Endow Manitoba, an initiative of The Winnipeg Foundation, supports our province’s community foundation network so it can have greater community impact.

The Manitoba government has supported the community foundation movement for many years, including through the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge and Manitoba Heritage Trust Program, as well as by establishing an endowment fund to support the growth of our community foundations.

Our province’s thriving community foundation movement demonstrates the generosity of Manitobans and why the Fraser Institute’s Generosity Index consistently finds our province is the most generous in Canada.

Carberry & Area Community Foundation Inc. was established in 1996. The main mandate of our community foundation is to preserve and advance the quality of life in the community, promoting development in areas such as culture, education, environment, health, heritage, recreation, the arts and other purposes which are beneficial to the community as a whole. Our vision is that our entire community, people and prosperity, continue to grow in healthy, equitable and vital ways.