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In the Fall of 2019, the Carberry Collegiate Grade 10 Life Work Planning Class was awarded a $15,000 grant from the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge to host a Manitoba 150 Celebration for the Town of Carberry and Municipality of North Cypress-Langford on June 20, 2020. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic had other plans, and the event had to be cancelled. The committee worked to plan new events, multiple times, only to see more pandemic restrictions that derailed the plans time and time again. 
In the fall of 2020, the youth committee moved on to Grade 11, and a new group of Grade 10 students were passed the torch to continue the great work started by the original class.   This new group of students have really put their heads together to develop a new strategy, stepping away from the idea of a Manitoba 150 celebration, but remaining focused on the goal of inclusively celebrating and supporting our beautiful community of Carberry North Cypress-Langford. 
These students see the impact Covid-19 has had (and continues to have) on our community of Carberry North Cypress-Langford.  Through the creation of their community rewards initiative they will not only be assisting individuals and businesses financially; but in turn we as a community will gain insightful feedback and information to help encourage our community of Carberry North Cypress-Langford to rebuild, improve, sustain and thrive in the future. 
The students have spent many hours thoughtfully creating a survey for community members to complete. Questions relate to mental health, business, community, Covid-19, and Carberry North Cypress-Langford in general.  Those who complete the survey will be entered to win gift certificates from local businesses in Carberry North Cypress-Langford.  
The survey questions can be found here…
The survey is also available in paper form, for those without access to technology.  
The results of the survey will be compiled and shared (without personal information).  Local government, business district, service groups along with community members in general will use the information to be able to see trends in current needs, areas that need improvement, and to get an overall sense of the views of Carberry North Cypress-Langford residents. Carberry and Area Community Foundation can use these results to help direct future granting decisions, and the Town and Municipality can make informed decisions when planning.  

Contest open until December 13, 2020! ​​

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